Who Are We?

Gönültaş Tekstil embarked on its journey in 1987, specializing in the sale of textile machinery. In 2007, we introduced "RG Kidsstore" with the compelling slogan "Minimalist Design, Maximalist Comfort." This launch marked the beginning of our brand's remarkable journey, swiftly gaining widespread attention and capturing 75% of the international market and 25% of the domestic market.

We are devoted to outfitting over 6 million children with our stylish and comfortable clothes, available through our 30 sales points across Turkey and 70 points abroad. Our products have found their way to various parts of the world, including the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Germany, France, England, and Greece. 


At Gönültaş Tekstil, our mission is to produce high-quality children's clothing using top-notch, qualified, and natural materials. We prioritize reliability over price, focusing on crafting garments that adhere to international standards while delivering the highest level of comfort and style to the children we serve.


Our vision revolves around the concept of "Ecological Friendship," underlining our commitment to recycling and ecotex organic practices. We aspire to surpass the expectations of young girls and boys who follow fashion trends and prefer stylish attire. Our goal is to become the favorite brand for all children, offering them fashion and comfort that align with their unique tastes and personalities. Through our unwavering dedication to quality and style, we aim to establish ourselves as a globally recognized and beloved children's clothing brand, leading the way in environmentally friendly fashion.